Bishop Rawstorne Church of England Academy

Key Stage 3 MFL




In Year 7 all students study one language from French, German or Spanish.  Where possible Primary Language experience is taken on board when the initial language selection is made by the Faculty.  In Years 8 and 9 the top 30% by linguistic ability have the opportunity to take on a second language.


Following initial assessment in Year 7 students are grouped by ability.  At Key Stage 3 students study 3-4 modules of work per year and are formally assessed upon completion of each module.  Students are then informed of their progress on their pathway (Foundation / intermediate / higher / advanced) and undertake self-evaluation procedures and set personal targets for development.


We strongly advocate use of the target language for a real purpose within the classroom. Lessons are conducted in the target language and students are expected to make every effort to communicate with their teacher and peers using the support materials provided and extending their range of structure and vocabulary as appropriate to their age, ability and language learning experience.


Text books form a small part of a wide range of teaching and learning resources, including a vast range of materials for use with Digital Interactive whiteboards, software packages, language-based websites, video clips, music and authentic materials. Students work regularly in pairs and groups and tasks set are open-ended where possible, with a strong emphasis on independence.