Bishop Rawstorne Church of England Academy

Rewards & Sanctions

Whats Changing?

This year at Bishop Rawstorne we have begun to operate a new version of our already highly successful rewards and sanctions system using points. In a change to previous years everything is now all run through one system to allow a more efficient style of collating the data, recording behaviours and acknowledging good work and achievement.

Already this means staff from the group tutor to the Head of Year and beyond can react instantly to behavioural issues, but equally respond quickly by praising and reinforcing good behaviours across the school.

The other change is the way we inform students and parents as to how their child is progressing up and down the system. The lost and gained points are going to be logged in the school planner by students on a bi-weekly basis. They will record earned and lost points and a tally so that over the year you can monitor their progress.

As well as this, once every half term a behaviour log will be sent home so that you can see how points are being gained and/or lost.

Further to this – regular loss of points, and also gaining of points will generate letters to keep you informed of your child’s rewards/sanctions. We are working to keep you as up to date as possible about your child’s progress.


As with any school, we take time to review and amend our procedures, and lat last academic year we took the decision that whilst we should still run a rewards system, we would review the levels at which rewards occurred and the different methods that we would acknowledge the high points scorers across the school. We wanted to do the following

  • Update and refresh the current reward system to motivate and engage all pupils to collect achievement points.
  • Develop the rewards that are given to pupils so that they are purposeful, relevant and motivational to pupils.
  • Ensure the system is fair to all pupils.
  • Look at how to reward the highest achievers in school and value those who go 'above and beyond'.

Students were consulted about their feelings across the school and out of 650 students questioned 50% felt that the system as it was unfair and 37% felt that the rewards on offer did not appeal to them. Further to this discussion with many students supported the feeling that the rewards trip that is run in the summer term, historically to Alton Towers or Blackpool Pleasure Beach did not appeal to as many students as we initially thought, was expensive for parents and ultimately did not appear to be a rewards trip, but was more a trip for the majority of the school to attend as the level of points needed was too low.

Whats New?

Throughout the year there are five counts of points, at these times we celebrate the success of students. The dates for these counts are the 4/1/16, 22/2/16, 1/4/16, 20/5/16 and the 15/6/16. At each count the top five pupils from each year group will receive a £10 voucher.  The top 20 students from each year group are invited to a celebration event, the first being an extended break that provides all these students with a celebration breakfast. The next fifteen students below the top 20 receive a bag of sweets to celebrate their success.

In each year group at 5 points in the year at least 35 students will have their success recognised, and with each tally we will look at altering the criteria. On occasions it will be most improved, most points, least lost and so on. We are continuing to discuss this as the year goes on.

As with previous years there are also levels of points, these are bronze (200 points), silver (350 points), gold (500 points) and platinum (650 points).

As students move through these stages of points they are rewarded for doing so. Once they pass bronze they will receive a certificate in assembly, passing silver will earn them a second certificate and a badge. Passing gold will result in a certificate, a badge, a bag of sweets and they will be eligible for the end of year rewards trip. The students who reach platinum have performed exceptionally well over the course of the year. They will receive certificates, badges, sweets, eligible for the rewards trip and go into a draw at the end of the year for an iPad and other prizes.

Rewards Trip

We want to be very clear that our rewards trip is a reward, and that students who are going are the students that have worked hard over the last 9 months. That said I we are also keen to acknowledge the students that have not misbehaved or missed deadlines, and have generally caused little concern over the course of the year. The Heads of Year team and myself are thinking about how best to do this in the fairest way – to acknowledge students that have not only earned many points, but also lost very few. This hopefully then removes the concern of students having staff whom do not utilise the system as regularly as others.

As for the destination of our rewards trip – the most recent consultation with our students in December has thrown up a few ideas, and we are now in the process of confirming that.