Bishop Rawstorne Church of England Academy

Geography Field Trips

Field Trips

The department are firm advocates of fieldwork, we believe that there is no substitute for experiencing geography first hand. Studies conducted into this area support this point of view and it is for that reason that we take each year group on a piece of fieldwork.

Year Seven

Students test their map skills locally via an orienteering exercise, and for their assessment will produce a map of their local area.

Year Eight

Students visit the Formby sand dune system over on the Sefton coast, where they investigate how the sea has affected inland ecosystems and succession, and how this fragile environment can best be managed to avoid damage from visitors. Students use the information they collect in lessons when they return to school.

Year Nine

Students visit Easedale in the Lake District and take a guided walk to recognise and observe glaciated landforms. The students look at how features such as tarns, misfit streams, roche moutonees, corries and truncated spurs are formed by the power of ice.

Year Ten and Eleven

Each student will visit the West Pennine Moors to complete their river investigation for the physical geography component, and inner Manchester to complete their urban investigation for the human geography component. Whilst there they will collect primary data that they use when they return to school to complement secondary research data as part of the scientific research enquiry process.