Bishop Rawstorne Church of England Academy

Year 11 Key Stage 4 Science

Triple Science

Science A

Additional Science

Science is a core subject and must be studied by all students until they leave school. We have chosen the AQA Science A (Core Science), AQA Additional Science, AQA Biology, AQA Chemistry and AQA Physics courses.  Full details of these courses are available on Students will be placed in a set that reflects their ability in the subject and a range of assessments from Year 9 will be used to determine the most appropriate set.  Students are required to purchase a folder to keep their Science work in. Individual subject folders are recommended.

GCSE Pathway

There are 3 programmes of study at KS4 Science, all 3 routes follow AQA specifications.  We offer Triple award Science, Science A followed by Additional Science and Science A only.  There are two exam seasons within the year, January and June.

Click here to download the GCSE Science Routes Diagram

GCSE Science

All students study GCSE Science A (Core Science) in Year 10.  Assessment is in four sections – a Biology exam, a Chemistry exam and a Physics exam each worth 25% of the total GCSE.  The remaining 25% is assessed internally by the Centre Assessed Unit (CAU).  This comprises of a practical investigation and a written examination based on the results obtained.  The CAU exam is done during normal lesson time – but is still an important GCSE examination.  Students are given 2 weeks’ notice and should thoroughly prepare for the exam.  It is important that they are in lessons for the CAU exams.  There is an opportunity to do three Centre Assessed Units and the best mark is carried forward. 

GCSE Additional Science

GCSE Additional Science is studied in Year 11.  This is offered to the vast majority of students and represents a second Science GCSE.  Like Core Science it is assessed in four sections - three written examination papers worth 25% each and the remaining 25% is assessed internally in the Centre Assessed Unit (CAU) as before. 

GCSE Additional Science is a course suitable for students wishing to study a pure Science AS or A-level or alternatively an Applied Science AS or A-Level course.

GCSE Biology, GCSE Chemistry, and GCSE Physics, or 'Triple Science'

Students must use an option for this award and it will lead to three separate GCSE’s in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  It is recommended for those achieving a level 6 or above at KS3.  This course requires a ‘little extra’ in terms of enthusiasm and interest.  It is assessed via written exams in each subject area.

This route provides a seamless transition into AS or A-level Science, a large proportion of Triple Science students progress onto A-level Science.

There is a move towards linear examinations for all of the Science routes studied and AQA will be releasing more detailed information on this in the coming months.