Bishop Rawstorne Church of England Academy

An excellent year of progress and attainment for Bishop Rawstorne students

23 August 2018

An excellent year of progress and attainment for Bishop Rawstorne students



Amidst much uncertainty and concern nationally over the new GCSE examination system and new grading tiers, we are delighted to report that the students of Bishop Rawstorne have achieved a very pleasing set of results and we send our class of 2013 our heartfelt congratulations. There have been many outstanding performances and much to be pleased about.


Across the whole year group so many students have achieved grades that reflect so well the effort that has been put in over the previous five years. None of this happens in isolation and huge thanks go to our teaching staff, support staff and the Governing body for the unwavering, unstinting commitment that they have shown in driving forward the progression and attainment of our students, day after day.  Of course none of this would be possible without the parents who have supported us over the last five years in shaping the academic and spiritual lives of this cohort to whom we give our very best wishes for the future.


The results achieved in English Language and Maths are quite superlative and 72% of students achieved a strong pass in both subjects, an increase of 7% on 2017 (9-5 grades) and 91% achieved a standard pass in both subjects (9-4 grades), an increase of 4.5% on 2017.


This year 87% of students achieved 5 or more 9 to 4 grades including English and Maths, measuring 4 as a standard pass, a 2% increase over 2017. Our E-Bacc figure for this year is 49.2%, measuring students who have achieved standard passes, and 33%, measuring students who have achieved strong passes. We are delighted with these results as they represent a depth of achievement across the entire curriculum. In English Language and Maths,18% and 13.5% respectively of our students achieved the highest grades of 8 and 9 In English (best grade) and Maths,47.5% and 30.7% respectively of our students achieved a 7-9 Grade, equivalent to an A* or A grade previously. This is a phenomenal achievement of which we are very proud.


It is always pleasing to see an increase on figures that are already considerably above the national average  and our challenge for 2019 is to maintain and build upon this success to enhance outcomes for the class of 2014. All of the data are challenging national data measurement figures and thoroughly justify our ongoing commitment to providing our students with a predominantly academic pathway.  


Special mention should be given to 20 of our students who achieved 5 Grade 8/9 passes or more, including two of our students who gained an incredible 11 Grade 9 passes, a very pleasing number and a truly exceptional achievement that reflects the unstinting endeavour of these students.  


As this outstanding group of students moves on to the next challenge, they do so having fully maximised their opportunities and potential here at Bishop Rawstorne. We wish them all well.


Paul Cowley



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