Bishop Rawstorne Church of England Academy

Head Boy & Girl

Head Boy - Adam Gregson

Hello my name is Adam Gregson and I am Head Boy for the 2017-2018 academic year at Bishop Rawstorne Church of England Academy. Whilst it is a huge responsibility to take on such an important role, I feel extremely honoured and very privileged to have the opportunity to do so.

Over the course of my time at Bishops, I have been provided with countless opportunities such as participating in the Duke of Edinburgh Award schemes, the Worship Council and mentoring, to name only a few. These experiences have shaped me as a person, allowing me to improve my social, team work and leadership skills and become a more well rounded and measured member of school.

However, the fundamental core is the school itself. The staff and students alike help create the friendly, safe and secure environment that has made Bishops garner such an acclaimed, and justified, reputation as a great haven for children to learn and grow.

In addition, the school motto is clear and says it all – Aspire, Believe, Achieve. The teaching staff have high aspirations for all and will be firm in their belief that everyone can achieve these – but we have also got a role to play. To achieve the best that we can do means that we have make the effort as well.

We are a Church of England academy and that manifests itself very clearly in all aspects of school life – but especially in the pastoral care, support, encouragement and guidance that the staff provides to the students.

Striving for the best we can do academically is important, of course it is, but there is much more to Bishops and life in general than that. There are a multitude of activities to take part in and develop interests in a variety of sports and extra-curricular activities: the choir, STEM club, the school play as well as many more. Whatever your passions are, there will always be something to indulge your interests at Bishops.

So, to sum up, I have mentioned ‘opportunities’ several times, the best advice I could give any new student is to make sure they take advantage of them, and the school, both staff as well as all the other students, will support them all the way.

Head Girl - Jenna Stout

Hi, my name is Jenna and I am delighted to have been appointed as Head Girl for the coming year at Bishop Rawstorne Church of England Academy. Although I am aware the role will come with challenges, I feel confident and ready to take on this role of responsibility and am greatly looking forward to doing so, as it is an excellent way to give back to the school following the wealth of opportunities and care the school has offered me over the years.

Bishop Rawstorne is a fantastic school with staff that aspire to help students achieve their potential and mature into young adults by the time they leave. They provide excellent academic support and are willing to go above and beyond for the sake of their students, something that is invaluable - they are always happy to help you during lunchtimes, for example. Alongside this, the school is a friendly and welcoming community. Importantly, relationships between staff and students are friendly and full of respect on both sides.

In addition to this, the school seeks to provide not only for academic growth but also spiritual maturity. At the heart of the school is its Christian ethos that encourages students to be the best version of themselves that they can be, both at school and in the external community, and to live with love and respect for others – as a Christian myself, I believe this to be very important. There are also many charity events within the school calendar, such as non-uniform days, ‘Bishbucks’ and Operation Christmas Child that put this into practice.

This outstanding ethos also means that the school offers excellent pastoral support, in order to help each student grow in confidence. This is shown not just by the staff but also the students – a primary example being the mentoring system to help Year 7s settle into school.

Furthermore, throughout my time at Bishop Rawstorne, I have taken advantage of many opportunities outside of the classroom, such as sports teams, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and participating in the school production, to name a few. I have found these extremely enjoyable and invaluable experiences, particularly travelling to Austria with the choir last year. The school offers a great variety of options to cater for all interests and abilities and encourages the students to balance work with recreation and fun.

To conclude, I am really looking forward to representing Bishop Rawstorne as Head Girl and I am excited to see what the year brings.


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