Bishop Rawstorne Church of England Academy

Pastoral Care 2017/18

The pastoral team at Bishop Rawstorne works to support, develop and inspire students, whilst instilling strong values and a sense of responsibility for their behaviour and actions. We will encourage where needed, empathise when required and enforce rigorously the high standards our academy is known for.


Mr Duckworth is Senior Leader – Head of Pastoral Care, overseeing the leadership and management of all five year groups and pastoral issues therein on a day to day basis.

Mrs Anglim is Senior Head of Year with responsibility for Year 9 and will continue to monitor transition at KS2-3 and KS3-4 as well as the day-to-day running of Year 9.

Mr Almond is Assistant Head Teacher , SENCO, and also has responsibility for the KS4 / 5 transition.

Mr Williams is in charge of Parental Liaison, and as such if you have concerns, and feel you would rather discuss them with someone other than your son or daughter tutor or Head of Year – please feel free to contact him.


The Heads of Year  for 2017 / 18 are as follows:

Year 7
Miss Huyton
Year 8
Miss Palmer
Year 9
Mrs Anglim
Year 10
Mr Sixsmith
Year 11
Mrs Jones