Bishop Rawstorne Church of England Academy

Student Destinations 2017

Student Destinations 2017

Of the 180 students that left Bishop Rawstorne C Of E Academy in the summer of 2017, we have solid and confirmed data for 167. Our data shows that  went on to College or Sixth Form to study either A’ levels or vocational awards, moved out of the area and for the other 14, we have no firm data.

Of the 167 who went to further education, 68 took a vocational route and 99 undertook A level courses.


A’ Level Uptake

The table below breaks down the different subject areas that 99 students chose to take up at A level.


Breakdown of ‘Other’ A level Subjects

3 students did Accounting, 2 Audio Engineering, 2 Philosophy, 2 Classical Civilisation and 1 A level Healthcare.


Breakdown of Art or Design

Of the 21 students that took a course with an Art or Design element the courses split as below.


Breakdown of Sciences

Of the 68 students that took a Science course, the split is as below.


Breakdown of MFL

Of the 7students that took a Languages course, the split is as below.


Vocational Uptake

The table below breaks down the different vocational areas that 68 students chose to follow.