Bishop Rawstorne Church of England Academy


Admissions Contact: Mrs S. Burt -

Admissions Procedures

Procedure to follow when applying for a Place in Year 7 (September Intake)

  1. Every child in Year 6 will receive a booklet from Lancashire County Council, via their primary school. Within that booklet is a form which must be completed and returned to the child’s primary school. Alternatively, this form can be completed on-line via the Education Authority’s website.
  2. Supplementary Admission Form – this form is obtainable from Bishop Rawstorne Church of England Academy, it is essential that you obtain this form, complete and return it to the school by the due date.

Should your application fall within the tie-breaker section, it is information on the Supplementary Admissions form that is taken into consideration.

Procedure to follow when applying for a Mid-Term Place

As every year in the school is oversubscribed, the appeal’s procedure would have to be followed, therefore we would ask that you:

  1. Contact the school by telephone, in the first instance, to arrange a tour, to be attended by both the parent(s) and child concerned.
  2. After the tour the necessary forms will be handed to you. Upon completion of the forms these must be returned to Bishop Rawstorne Church of England Academy.
  3. Upon receipt of the forms, the child’s current school will be contacted for information concerning their attendance and behaviour records.
  4. Once all the necessary information and paperwork is received and completed by Bishop Rawstorne Church of England Academy, it is then sent to Lancashire Education Authority who arranges the date, time and venue of the independent appeal hearing – please note it is the Education Authority who will notify the appellant when the hearing will take place.

Admissions Policies & Documents