Student Destinations 2014

Of the 187 students that left Bishop Rawstorne our data shows 172 went onto 6th form, either following a Vocational or an A level route. 6 Went on to take apprenticeships that did not follow our traditional providers, and 1 followed a scholarship into football. 8 students at present have no firm data.

178 went on to post 16 provision in the Lancashire area. Of these students however, 98 went on to take A levels and 80 went down the vocational pathway.


Our 98 students went on to sit 387 A/AS Level courses

Breakdown of Sciences and Languages

Students have taken many courses that don’t naturally progress from the curriculum delivered at Bishop Rawstorne such as Law, Psychology, Media, Classics etc…. It is easy, however, to categorise many subjects under the broad umbrella that we do offer.

What is very pleasing to see is that even given the huge variety of courses available to the students at the many different establishments that they can attend, 85% of opted for courses fall under the traditional subjects that we teach. This reflects the quality of our delivery, and also the breadth of coverage that we provide.


The range of Vocational qualifications available can be quite overwhelming, though at present they mainly fit in to 2 categories – Apprenticeships, and BTECs.

81 students went on to follow a vocational route through 1 of our main providers. These students took mostly BTEC courses that fit into the following subject areas, though 9 did follow the apprenticeship route.

Breakdown of Technology and Apprenticeships

Once again it is very positive to see so many students following courses that fit under our traditional umbrella, developing skills that they have learnt at Bishop Rawstorne (88 %)