Student Destinations 2015

Of the 181 students that left Bishop Rawstorne in the summer of 2015 we have solid and confirmed date for 177. Our data shows 172 went onto 6th form, either following a Vocational or an A level route. 5 Went on to take apprenticeships that did not follow our traditional providers, and currently we have no firm data for 4 students.

Of the 172 students that went on to 6th form college, 65 took a vocational route and 107 A level courses of some type. 4 students had to retake both English and Maths GCSE and students have opted to resit English GCSE and 7 have opted to retake Maths. Further to this 8 other students retook Maths and 2 others opted for English.


Our 107 A level students went on to sit 372 A/AS Level courses.

Students have taken many courses that don’t naturally progress from the curriculum delivered at Bishop Rawstorne such as Law, Psychology, Media, Photography etc…. It is easy, however, to categorise many subjects under the broad umbrella that we do offer. 81% of A level routes fit our traditional curriculum subjects once again reflecting the quality of our delivery, and also the breadth of coverage that we provide.

Breakdown of ‘Other’ Subjects

Breakdown of Sciences and Languages.


65 students went on to follow a vocational route through 1 of our main providers. This year the overwhelming majority of our vocational students took BTEC courses and whilst 48% fit into our traditional curriculum choices, 52% do not.

Breakdown of ‘Other’ vocational choices